Sunday, September 30, 2012

Universal Brotherhood by Dr Zakir Naik

This is some of the salient point about Dr Zakir Naik Talk last night at DATC UiTM Shah Alam... i took from Aisyah Shakirah Suhaidi 's facebook (Pelukis at kredit to her friends Aiman Wafiy for noting this down
A lil souvenir for all of you doodled last night throughout Dr Zakir Naik's talk. Sorry if this one's quite messy. 
A few more notes from the talk;

"Islam Is a Universal Brotherhood"

-media is the deadliest weapon

-Pregnancy uplift a woman. It does not degrade her

-In Islam, equal doesn't mean identical (Tanggungjawab male and female is different but kalau male or female buat salah hukum qisasnya sama disisi undang2 Islam)

-Advantage come with great responsibility.. Example.. Men have great strength compare to women so that Men can protect them :)

-Charity and Zakat decrease the gap between rich and poor

-Mengumpat sama dengan memakan daging saudara sendiri

-Solat Jemaah promotes Universal Brotherhood

-In berjemaah, we stand shoulder to shoulder,feet to feet.. whether we're poor or rich,citizens or kings.. because in front of Allah, we're the same :D

-You can't imagine Allah what is like.. there is no statue,picture and sculpture :)

-Apa2 yg bergelar tuhan.. jadikan Surah Al-Ikhlas sebagai indicator.. kalau lepas ujian Surah Al-Ikhlas.. maka layaklah dipanggil Allah.. namun hakikatnya.. ayat terakhir surah Al-Ikhlas secara tafsirannya bila something itu dah dicompar dgn Allah.. dia dah x layak bergelar Allah sbb tiada apa pun yg sama dgn Allah (yang ini aku x faham..sorry)

-Put Allah,Rasul and strive in Jihad above all else.. including your bloodline.. because brotherhood of ummah is greater than brotherhood of family

- Batu Hitam ini boleh bawa faedah kepadaku,boleh bawa bala kepadaku.. Tetapi aq menyembahnya hanya kerana Allah dan Rasulku menyuruh aq sujud kepadanya - Saidina Umar referring to Ka'bah :)

-If someone rape your daughter,kill your family.. Then you reply the same thing to the offender.. you are a normal person.. But we Islam is a super-duper power most intelligent human beings will never ever in million billion years would do the same thing because we have Allah and He prohibited us from doing that (revenge) :)

-Your mom gets the Gold,your mom gets the Silver, your mom gets the Bronze.. Your father only deserve mere consolation :)

- A good wife is a wife that can show the way to siratal mustaqim to her husband.. 

- A good wife protects her beloved hubby from Devil :)

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